Passion Lilie | New Orleans Designed | Sustainable Fashion

 Passion Lilie | New Orleans Designed |  Sustainable Fashion

Passion Lilie creates clothing from sustainable organic, pesticide-free, non-GMO cotton. “At every step in the supply chain, we make sure we are using sustainable materials to reduce our impact on the environment.” But echo friendly clothing is just a part of what Passion Lilie represents as a brand.

Spring Dresses | On trend in Overalls

Spring Dresses | On trend in Overalls

Spring is under way and I am enjoying every moment! The weather has been absolutely perfect lately, not too warm not too chilly, and the sun is just beaming. I walked around this French quarter this weekend and took full advantage of a beautiful day. I finally had the change to wear my overall dress I purchased from a warehouse sale last fall. I wanted to style it in the cooler months with a sweater and tights but I love it over a comfy tee as well, Ill be getting a lot of use out of it this summer!

Jimmy Choo | Made to Order

Jimmy Choo | Made to Order

I had the pleasure of attending a Jimmy Choo luncheon to unveil the Made to Order Pop up that will be available in stores for a short time. The Made to Order by Jimmy Choo is not new, the line has been available for a while and is perfect for a special occasion. I considered getting my own wedding shows designed because there is a plaque you can place on the underside of the show that displays a whatever date or initials you want, it’s a great why to have a tasteful monogram to commemorate a special day. Being able to pick out every detail in store is a really great chance to get your hands on a pair if you’ve been contemplating. The Made to Order line consists of select heels, flats, and handbags.

Spring 2019 Trends | Things You Can Wear Now

Spring 2019 Trends | Things You Can Wear Now

Spring is a few weeks away and I so ready for warm air, festival season, and a wardrobe change. There are some really fun trends this season I can’t wait to try when winter is officially over, but fo now, here are some Spring 2019 trends that we can start wearing now.

  1. Laying Neutrals

  2. Pretty in Pearls

  3. Head to toe Tonal

Suistudio Review | Suitsupply

Suistudio Review | Suitsupply

I finally had the chance to get my hands on SUISTUDIO, the sister company to SUITSUPPLY launched in 2017. Following in the footsteps of it’s big brother, the brand specializes in suits, blazers, jackets, and work wear. The SUITSTUIDO’s contemporary boutique decor is chic and fun, reflecting the fashion forward twist on tailored that I’ve come to expect from SUITSUPPLY.

Alice and Olivia | Sale

Alice and Olivia | Sale

I have been absolutely swooning over Alice and Olivia for a couple years now. I have been looking to update my wardrobe, particularly some skirts and tops and I stumbled on their end of season sale in the midst of all the online after Christmas/New years online sale shopping I’ve been doing. I didn’t intend on only shopping at Alice and Oivia but the sale is so good!

Fall Transition | Denim and Neutrals

Fall is in the air but if you live in the South like me it's going to be at least a few more weeks until the summer heat lets up.  Living in a climate that is pretty warm all year round has its benefits but fall fashion is not one of them.  Dressing true to fall in New Orleans doesn't really happen until late October and early November... so what is a girl to do when the bright colors of summer are no longer appropriate but the temperature is still too warm for sweater weather?  This is the time of year I really get creative with texture and layers. This simple look below is a typical weekend look for me during this brief period between seasons. 


1. Dress- Stick with neutral colors, not too light for fall not too dark for summer

2. Layer - Fashion and function, denim adds some grunge, but is a good "not so" casual alternative to flannel

3. Footwear - Heeled sandals are prefect for these in between seasons,  gladiator are the prefect fall tease. 


Dress: Forever 21

Shoes: Vince Camuto 

Denim: American Apparel

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What looks are you creating for this fall transition? - XO