Write the Vision, Make it Plain | Refill

I truly believe there is power in visualization, whether a dream board or a journal. Seeing what you want to do or become is a constant reminder to put forth the necessary effort daily. Many times we know we are unsatisfied or have an area of discontent in our life, such as a job we feel unfulfilled at, a financial situation we feel helpless about, or an overall dissatisfaction with daily life; but we don’t know what we do want to do. How can reach your destination if you don’t know what that destination is? If you don’t know what direction to go or what you want to do, follow your joy. What would you do if you had all the money and time in the world; is there something that you truly enjoy and make time for even when you’re tired? Outline your goals and work backwards, making a conscience and consistent effort. Document what needs to happen next, execute daily, then revaluate and move to the next task. Writing and visualizing brings clarity and a sense of accomplishment, think of it as an evolving business plan, dreams and goals are dynamic, they change and shift as we do.


I am working on making my goal(s) as clear and specific as possible. Not only professional goals to develop my career but also personal goals for spiritual growth. I want to be the best person I can everyday and to be able to have peace no matter how stressful the situation, because hardships are a part of life. Knowing the direction you’re headed will prepare you for the lessons necessary for growth during tough times. Sometimes we need the grace to stay and move through a difficult situation because what we need to learn is on the other side; while other times we need the faith to walk away because we have already received what we need and it’s time to move on. Being in tune with yourself and in alignment with your purpose allows you trust your intuition in all decisions without worry or regret.

If you haven’t listened to the Super Soul Conversation with Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, it’s a must listen and filled with so many quotes to live by. The teachings of Dr. Beckwith deeply resonated with me; I hope it is as valuable to you as it was to me, thank you for reading.

“You cannot have, what you are not willing to become.”


Read: Bible verse Habakkuk 2:2

Listen: Super Soul Conversions - Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Pray: Ask empowering questions, repeat affirmations, and develop a personal mantra