The Miracle Morning | Book Review

I have been a morning person since I can remember. There is calm and sense of clarity that coincides with the sunrise. Although I often find it hard to pull myself out of bed before 6am, I am always grateful when I do. Before dawn, there is an absolute stillness that is filled with nothing but peace and possibility.

The Miracle Morning SAVERS

Recently I finished a book that helped me put words to the feeling I have always known about mornings. “The Miracle Morning” written by Hal Elrod is a quick but very insightful read. It gives step by step instruction as to how to maximize your time to work towards becoming a better version of yourself; it’s not a course, rather it serves as a guideline to develop disciple and habits for an overall lifestyle change.

The backbone of the book is an acronym called SAVERS, which stands for, Silence Affirmations Visualization Exercise Read Scribe. The book breaks down each component, below is my take, and how I incorporate each into my morning routine.

Silence - Meditation is something I try to practice even when I feel like I don’t have time to do anything else. It makes me feel so calm and powerful after. I find that my most creative ideas, true feelings, and deeper understanding, comes in these moments of quiet. The times I don’t think, I simply listen. I find when I take a few minutes to tune out the world, I can hear the answers to the questions I have been asking the universe.

Affirmations -I choose to utilize this tool by creating a mantra. “Speaking things into existence” is a phrase that I live by, but I find myself trying to “think things into existence” more commonly. It takes courage to be vulnerable and claim the things or ideas you really want to accomplish. I don’t mean walking around telling everyone your dreams, I’m talking about have the courage to speak them aloud when your alone, and it’s just you and your truth.

Visualization - I find it easy to think of a goal but not as easy to see it. I have a vision board that I created at the beginning of the year that I draw a lot of inspiration from. Being able to visualize the details of what you want to accomplish is a very power skill. The idea is that visualization makes any goal seem more attainable, it becomes something familiar; seeing is believing.

Exercise - By far the most difficult for me to stick to. I find that there is always an excuse as to why there is no time to exercise, but this is one of the most important SAVERS. My exercise of choice is yoga, I love the strength and flexibly, and it also feels like a form of meditation. When I am really focused, I can clear my mind and just breath and stretch. I am definitely not a gym person, but I find planning my exercise routine in the morning helps. If I have a yoga video already picked out and my mat laid on the floor, I’m more likely to go ahead and jump in.

Read - Generally I prefer to read a book in the evening before I go to bed or on the couch when I just want to relax. In the morning I keep the reading short and sweet, something to the point that is no more than a paragraph. I find that I can easily get caught up in reading a book and spend too much of my time on it in the morning. My advice for this is to set a timer or find something that is a daily inspirational. I like to use my daily lessons from the book “A course in Miracles” (If you haven’t read my blog post about that book, check it out: here, it’s a must read), the book contains daily lessons that are great because they are quick to read but really inspiration and help me set my intention for the day.

Scribe - It is so therapeutic to write things down. Whether it’s making a check list of things that need to get done, getting your feelings off your chest and on to paper, or perhaps writing poetry. My gratitude journal is my go-to for this aspect of the morning ritual.

“The Miracle Morning” is a great motivational book and a very quick read. If you’re not a morning person is also shows you how to incorporate these powerful tools into any schedule

Thank you for reading,


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