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This May my husband and I tied the knot in a small New Orleans lakefront ceremony with close friends and family.  I am still in awe of the beauty and love that surrounded us during our special day.  Below are details from my bridal look.

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The Wedding Shoe

I know, it's the most cliche wedding shoe....but I'm kind of obsessed, they are THE wedding shoes. Ever since our favorite shoe fanatic Carrie Bradshaw married Big in them I've wanted to get my hands on these blissful icons.

  The Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Satin Pumps are the epitome of romantic glamour and they made me feel like a princess on my big day.  The beautiful brooch glimmered under the lights, adding just the right amount of sparkle without overwhelming.   

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Dress, Veil, Bouquet

Dress: I purchased my Tadashi Shoji wedding dress from BHLDN.com This website has so many great designs not just in bridal dresses but veils, belts, bridesmaids dresses, shoes and more. It can be a little scary purchasing your wedding dress online but you can really save. I suggest going to bridal shops and trying on different gowns to find the silhouette you prefer, then go online and look for sale dresses. (I found my dress for only $300....) 

Veil: This was my favorite part of my ensemble. I opted for a blusher because I wanted the traditional moment of walking down the isle with the veil covering my face; my husband also wanted to be able to lift my veil for our first kiss. My Sara Gabriel veil consisted of two separate custom made pieces, a blusher on top and a cathedral length below.  Not only did the combination give me the overall look I wanted, it added versatility; I easily removed the separate veils to achieve different looks while taking pictures. 

Bouquet:  To balance the simplicity of the dress was I went big with the flowers.  A cascading bouquet may be old school, but it fell right in line with the timeless look I was going for and pulled together my overall look. 




The Celebration

We ended the night with a traditional New Orleans second line. A Second line is a brass band parade that originated as a processional during jazz funerals. The band would follow the hearse leading into the cemetery playing upbeat jazz music, allowing attendees to celebrate life rather then mourn their lost loved one.  On any given day in New Orleans you can see a second line rolling down the streets of the French Quarter in celebration.  Having a second line at a wedding is a symbol of the bride and groom embarking on a new life.

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Photography: Marquez Fotos