Be the Prayer

Getting unstuck. We all have our moments when we feel stationary. We are unsatisfied with where we are, but we aren’t quite sure how to get to where we want to be. These are the times I find that I have allowed my mind to become cluttered and I have lost my focus. These are the times I know I need to push through the mental block and start doing the work, instead of just thinking about it.

My frustration comes from not fully stepping into the potential of whatever I have been focused on achieving at that time. For example, waiting on a promotion at work that hasn’t come. Instead of waiting, step into the person you want to be when you receive that promotion. I’m not talking about spending money that you don’t have, i’m talking about becoming the person you want to be, not waiting for an event or a title to give you the authority to live your life the way you truly want to. Rise up, and be the prayer.

Become the person you want to be. There is a gap between the actions we are taking on a daily, and the circumstance, situation, or environment we want to change. Identify what steps it would take to make that leap, and then start tackling them. Develop a morning routine , set actionable goals, and hold yourself accountable. Take time to refocus and realign yourself daily with the vision so you don’t become distracted and fall off course. Take it one day at a time, one task at a time; life is a marathon, not a race.

“Visualize you highest self, and start showing up as that person”.


Be the Prayer

Write the Vision, Make it Plain | Refill

Write the Vision, Make it Plain | Refill

Outline your goals and work backwards, each step needed to get to the next level and make a conscience effort to complete the task. Documenting and executing brings clarity and a sense of accomplishment, it’s somewhat like an evolving business plan, dreams and goals are dynamic, they change and shift as we grow. “Stop being reactive, and start being proactive.”

Read: Bible verse Habakkuk 2:2

Listen: Super Soul Conversions - Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Pray: Ask empowering questions, repeat affirmations, and develop a personal mantra