Detroit | The Midwest’s Comeback Kid

Woodward Ave

Woodward Ave


During my recent trip to Detroit, I was amazed at how far the city has come. The last time I visited the Motor City it was lifeless, definitely not a travel destination, especially for young people. But this trip was different. I was so impressed by the downtown scene, it’s official, Detroit is becoming a vibe. If you’re going to be in Detroit you’ll want to stay on, or in close proximity to Woodward Ave. Stores such as Helmet Lang, Le Labo Fragrances, Madewell, and Warby Parker are a few of the most notable cool kids on the block.

I stayed at Shinola Hotel during my brief visit. Shinola is a luxury timepiece, leather goods, jewelry, audio, and now bicycle brand; that proudly manufacturers everything in the U.S. The Shinola hotel is an experience in and of itself. Nestled on the busy corner of Woodward and Grand River Ave, the boutique hotel is located in the epicenter of “new Detroit”. The Shinola Hotel is home to 129 curated rooms, the San Morello restaurant, and an ultra modern cocktail hotspot, Evening Bar.

San Morello  restaurant

San Morello restaurant


Alongside Shinola Hotel, there is a small quiet alley, Farmer street. A discrete but charming nook with two of my new favorite Detroit shops. The first, Madcap Coffee, is an unconventional, modern coffee shop. Upon stepping inside the contemporary store, I was immediately greeted with the sound of Notorious B.I.G. Perfectly organized shelves of black whole bean coffee bags with brightly colored names decorate the bright white walls. Everything in the store is black and white with clean lines; the energy is warm, and the baristas and loyal patrons are welcoming.

Madcap Coffee , 1413 Farmer St, Detroit

Madcap Coffee, 1413 Farmer St, Detroit

My second must see shop is The Lip Bar, located in the same Farmer street nook. What started as a vegan lipstick brand has grown to include, mascara, foundation, eyeliner, and more. The self described inclusive beauty brand, specializes in vegan and cruelty free products for women of all shades.

The Lip Bar , 1435 Farmer Street , Detroit

The Lip Bar, 1435 Farmer Street , Detroit


36-hours was not enough time to see all that Detroit has to offer. I look forward to visiting again and finding more local gems.