Jimmy Choo | Made to Order


I had the pleasure of attending a Jimmy Choo luncheon hosted by Saks Fifth Avenue to unveil the Made to Order Pop up that will be available in store for a short time. Made to Order by Jimmy Choo is not new, the line was established in May 2014 and is perfect for a special occasion. I considered getting my own wedding shoes designed because there is a plaque you can place on the underside that displays whatever date or initials you want, it’s a great way to commemorate a special day. I ended up going in a different direction because I wanted to be able to see and touch the different fabrics and styles before purchasing. Choosing online was too much of a risk for such an investment; but experiencing the collection first hand in store did not disappoint. The fabrics are beautiful and the shoe styles are classic and timeless. Being able to pick out every detail in store is a really great chance to get your hands on a pair if you’ve been contemplating. The Made to Order line consists of select heels, flats, and handbags.

Made to Order display Jimmy Choo

Aside from the Made to Order collection, the legendary fashion house is expanding to ready to wear clothing. The unisex apparel, currently consists of shirts and hoodies and is only available online. I’m excited to see the future direction of Jimmy Choo apparel.

"I need to respect the brand," she said. "The brand is what it is, I'm not just going to come in and wipe it all out. I've grown with the brand, but I want to make sure that people realize we do creative designs and not just the likes of party items and red-carpet moments. Everything is important to me, but the design integrity is what I really want to push to the forefront.”

- Jimmy Choo director and CEO Sandra Choi.


For all the spring and summer brides, will you be saying: “I do, in Choo” ?

- Ciao