4 Timeless Style Tips

When you look better you feel better, sometimes it really is that simple. Below are some tried and true rules to dress by that never go out of style.

  1. Find a tailor - Getting alterations is not just for special occasions. The perfect fit can make a pair of $50 pants look like $500; find a good tailor and your wardrobe will reward you for it.

  2. Keep it simple - Less is always more, too much fuss can make the entire outfit feel contrived and look overdone. Maintaining effortlessness is always the end goal.

  3. Stay true to your style - Trying the new fashion trends are fun, but put your own, true to self twist on it.

  4. Comfortable yet classy - I literally cannot enjoy myself in an uncomfortable outfit. Sometimes it’s a necessary evil, but typically when we are uncomfortable other people can tell, so there’s no point. I always bring cute flats even when wearing “comfortable” heels, cause you just never know.