Chic Script Pop Up | ALG Warehouse Sale

Chic Script Boutique had its’ very first pop up shop. On August 25th 2019, we participated in the ALG Style Warehouse sale. Three times a year local New Orleans boutiques come together under one roof to have the biggest sale in the city. It’s such a good time, there is a D.J., a food truck, and of course plenty of libations to keep the party going.

So many people came out and I am truly, Chic Script Boutique will definitely become a presence at the ALG Warehouse sale more frequently.


Whoever said that money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping.” ...


If you came out to support or it was your first time shopping with us, thank you! I hope to see you at more events, it was a pleasure to meet everyone and thank you for shopping Chic!