4 Steps to More Confidence in any Situation

  1. Encourage others. You are your only competition. When we genuinely uplift those around us, we are raising the energy and the expectation for the entire room, including ourselves.

    • We are uniquely qualified for every circumstance, encourage others and you encourage your own self worth.

  2. Be prepared. I don’t believe a person can ever be over prepared. No matter how much you practice, recite, study, etc, you can never know everything; this is why anticipation is so important. When we come fully prepared, nervousness becomes excitement.

    • Put the time in, there are no shortcuts.

  3. Listen, and then respond. I absolutely hate small talk, it is something I really have to make an effort to partake in. I typically appear stand-offish and shy simply because I don’t want to talk weather or sports. But when you engage in meaningful conversations with people, you don’t have to worry about thinking of what to say next because you are naturally engaging in a dialogue and not forcing it.

  4. Remain humble. Let others boast for you. Nothing demonstrates self confidence more than an individual that doesn’t bring up their own accomplishments. I’m not saying down play yourself (you also have to know how to take a compliment), but don’t be the person in the room talking about themselves. Let others do the bragging for you, it’s much more attractive.

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