Alice and Olivia | Sale

I have been absolutely swooning over Alice and Olivia for a couple years now. The clothing line is so versatile with pieces that are playful and right on trend but they also make some timeless chic pieces that I just adore. I stumbled on their end of season sale in the midst of all the online after Christmas/New years online sale shopping I’ve been doing.

I didn’t intend on only shopping at Alice and Oivia but the sale is so good! I also noticed that the sale prices on their actual website were lower than other retailers even though the regular price was the same. One draw back was that the items I purchased were final sale but I did some research on the sizing so I felt comfortable buying. There is one dress I purchased in store at Sak’s and not the website, I was looking through the clothing rack and found it, then later looked online to see if it was cheaper and I couldn’t find it on sale! Thankfully when I went back it was still on the rack where I left it (Whew!) Below Is a short video breaking down each item, click on photos for link to each individual items.