What to get him for Valentine's Day | Gift Guide for him | Gifts he'll actually love

Valentine’s day always sneaks up on me. By the end of January I’m completely over shopping and usually broke from Christmas and the New Years sales. The last thing on my mind is spending money. Then, February comes into the horizon, and every year I’m unprepared, running out February 13th last minute trying to find a card and something clever for my significant other. But not this year, no, this year, I ‘m prepared and whether you’re purchasing for your husband, boyfriend, or best friend, I’ve got you covered.

When gifting for Valentine’s day I like to mix a nice (higher end ) item with a lower cost item or two. For example, if I know we are going on a trip I’ll look for a couple inexpensive travel accessories to gift along with a more expensive item, like the cologne that I know he wants or the sweater he’s been eyeing. It is a great way to make him feel special by having multiple things to open while not breaking the bank. Below I have my favorite picks to mix and match to give him on Valentine’s day.