Transition | New Beginnings


My motivation to create The Chic Script was to start a hobby, have some me time, and focus on areas of interest outside of my career.  Like so many millennials I have spent a lot of time in school, 10 years to be exact.   When I graduated from professional school I naively believed that all my happiness was just on the other side of crossing the stage and earning my doctorate, so instead of using my new study-less free time to foster new areas of growth in my life, I immediately began working harder so I would get promoted and became so consumed with my career I started to feel like I was working all the time.

One day I had enough, things had to change; I realized happiness was a CHOICE I had to make.  I decided to ask myself some simple and very honest questions: 

1. What would I wear if I didn't have to put on scrubs everyday? 

2. What would I do with my time if I didn't have to go to work everyday?  

3. How can I be the best version of myself? 

This website is my daily effort to answer those question and  a look into my journey of   CULTIVATING my HAPPINESS, BECOMING the person I WANT to be, and MAKING the OPPORTUNITIES in life I want to have. My goal is for this site to be all encompassing, chic to me is not simply one's attire.  Chic is a lifestyle, it's having faith in face of adversity, it's being confident enough to be a humble person, and doing so consistently with grace and class. Thank you for taking the time read this post, I hope that by sharing my life you will be inspired to share yours. What are your hobbies, are you still searching? In what ways to you self reflect and evaluate?  How do you live your best life? Please share your thoughts below. -XO