Statement Pieces | Manolo Hangisi heels

My Manolo Hangisi heels will always be very special to me because they were my wedding shoes. They are definitely an investment piece, but worth the price, I have been able to wear them a few times and I love the elegance and versatility of these shoes.  When I was shopping for the perfect bridal shoe there were three nonnegotiable criteria I was looking for and the Hangisi met all three:

First, they had to be some what comfortable.  There was no way I was going to be in pain standing up all night on the most important day of my life; although these shoes are not like walking on pillows, they were tolerable, and that was good enough for me.  I can wear these an entire night without any issues.  

look away in front of city

Second, I didn't want a white shoe. White is the "go to" color of course but I wanted something different. I considered having a pop of color  like the classic blue Carrie married Big in, which I really love; but ultimately chose this blush color because they matched the belt that went with my wedding dress and the flowers in my bouquet as well. *For details on my bridal look click here *

on the river
Walking downstairs

Third, I needed to be able to were them again. Originally  the idea was to wear my wedding shoes on anniversaries and date nights...  but I wear these every chance I get! Recently I wore them to an evening summer wedding and they were prefect, but they also are great for elevating a more casual look like the one I have here.  


My dress is by All Saints and my head scarf is a Hermes twilly that was part of my wedding gift from my husband. 

sitting at table
Mardi gras door front

How did you decided the perfect wedding shoes, and do you still wear yours? Thanks for reading. Cheers! 

- C