Moroccan style | Taoufiq Baroudi


My pant suit by Moroccan designer Taoufiq Baroudi was my favorite purchase from Marrakech. Taoufiq Baroudi's boutique consists of traditional Moroccan garments inspired by the long history of French influence on the country.  His shop is located inside the famous Medina of Marrakech; and if you wander in, chances are Mr. Baroudi will be the person helping you. 

This pant suit is perfect for summer,  I love that it has pockets, it's light weight, and it's timeless. The pinstripes add a touch of class and the red detail is just the right pop of color.  When wearing a statement ensemble keep everything else simple, your makeup should be minimal and the shoe shouldn't distract from the overall look. Are you wearing pant suits this summer? Comment your favorite brand below!  Cheers!



Taoufiq Baroudi

Location: 123, Rue Mowassine 40000 Marrakech-Medina

Phone: 00 212 5 24 38 16 82

E Mail: tbaroudi@hotmail.com