Three luxury shoes | Rome

While in Italy I came across some amazing shoes. Although I wanted to purchase everything I saw, these are the few I couldn't leave without. 

Handmade Sandals  

In the Emanuel Caruso boutique you can design your own sandal or choose from existing designs in the store.  I opted to use an existing design, a black crystal snake with green eyes.  I thought I was only choosing a style but to my surprise the craftswoman asked me to remove my shoes and began assembling the sandals on my feet. The custom creation took about one hour.  Emanuel Caruso boutiques are located in Capri, Rome, and Portofino. 


The Ballin shoe company is a family owned brand with only two stores in the world, Milan and Venice.  I stumbled upon the boutique when a glittering crystal and pearl espadrille caught my eye from the side walk.  Upon entering the boutique I was immediately intrigued; all the shoes had gorgeous details and were very well made. While I was trying a few pairs on the young lady assisting me informed us that the Ballin fashion house designs their own line but also creates shoes for designers such as Christian Louboutin... immediately my admiration for the espadrilles and their price point made PERFECT sense.     

Gucci Slippers

No Italian fashion list is complete without something from Gucci. Gucci is giving me all the life right now and these cream slides are no exception. They go great with everything and are so on trend right now. I love the square toe and the classic Gucci blue and red stripe cloth.   

Thank you for reading, comment your favorite shoes below. - Ciao!