Street Chic | Plaid and biker shorts

I’m getting back into the swing of things from my trip to Hawaii. The time change took more of a toll on my body then expected and I was exhausted returning, but it’s back to business as usual now. The morning of my first day back to work was slightly chilly, I was so delighted to run back inside and grab my Northface as I was headed out the door! Down south we only get a few chilly days (fall), then about two weeks of cold (winter), then hot (spring and summer) again!

The gift of cool air may have only be for a day but I took full advantage, before I left for Honolulu I picked up a few pieces from Nasty Gal to wear on the trip. I thought this plaid blazer would be cute to wear in the evenings if it got chilly but the weather was way too warm to wear any long sleeves; so I finally got the chance to try some new pieces on this chilly morning!

Details from the look below ( I couldn’t find some of the exact items, but I linked similar pieces from each designer)

Steps 2 .jpg
Steps 7 .jpg
Steps 22.jpg
Steps 11.jpg
Steps 12.jpg
Steps 14.jpg
Steps 19.jpg
Steps 16.jpg
Steps 17.jpg
Steps 3 .jpg
Steps 18.jpg
Steps 23.jpg

Get the Look Below

Nasty Gal Plaid Shirt Dress

Check Blazer Dress

by Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal Biker Shorts

Pedal to the Metal Biker Short

by Nasty Gal

Nike Huarache.jpg


by Nike

Reiss Metallic Turtle Neck.jpg

Metallic Turtle Neck



Jute Tote Bag

by Man of Creation

What were you most excited to wear this fall when the weather got chilly?

— XO