Beauty | Skincare Routine

My skin care regimen is very simple, if there are too many steps, none of them will get accomplished. In recent years I have been shaping a fool proof routine, when I actually stick to it, I can really see a difference in my skin.

Make-up remover: Clinique Take the day away, love how effortlessly it removes eye make-up, especially mascara which is a pet peeve of mine to remove. The balm doesn’t break me out and removes my make-up well enough that I don’t need to wash my face twice, I just rub the balm all over, rinsed, and follow with my nightly cleanser.

Face Wash: My developing obsession with Tatcha began with the Deep Cleanse Exfoliating Cleanser. I tried it on a whim I was tired of using my husbands facewash. I had developed a lazy habit of not putting much effort into the product I cleansed with, and only caring about the serum, treatment, and creams I layered on after. Within 1 or two weeks of using Tacha’s Deep Cleanse Exfoliating Cleanser, I could see a noticeable difference in my skin and I was excited.

Day serum: Skinceuticals Phloretin CF : A daytime antioxidant serum that diminishes discoloration and evens skin tone. I love this because it really lightens by dark spots and acne scars. This comes in a gel and a serum, I have used both and they both work the same to me. Currently I am using the gel version, I like the consistency and it travels well, but I do plan on switching back to the serum in the cool months to get that extra hydration.

Toner: Caudalie Moisturizing Toner: It removes all the excess dirt and makeup I missed during cleaning, but it is gentle enough that my face doesn’t feel dry, and restores my skin’s pH balance. Over the years I have seemingly tried almost ever toner, because my skin is acne prone I used to try and find the harshest toners and over time I realized my skin actually needs a more calming toner, this one in particular has been essential to the changes I see in my skin overall.

Sunblock: After I cleanse and tone, during the day I apply sunblock before my foundation. Currently the Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protection Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 40 For Face/Body has been my go to for several months. This is a really nice sunblock and a little goes a long way. It lasts all day, doesn’t break me out, doesn’t smell like sunblock, and it mixes well with my foundation. I don’t always wear sunblock, the only time I do this step is when my foundation doesn’t have any SPF. I have currently been using Estee Lauder Double Wear so I need to apply my own sun protection.

Night serum: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II. This is a classic, it never fails and every time I try something new I always end up going back to this oldie but goodie. It works well with whatever face wash or moisturizer I am using at the time. No matter what test I put it to it always preforms. Switching up serums and treatments is a must, but this one in particular will forever remain in rotation.

Moisturizer: A have a few moisturizers that I go between depending on how my skin is feeling. When my skin is feeling dry I use Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. When my skin is feeling hydrated I use Shiseido Purness Matifying Moisturizer, this is also perfect when I do my make-up for a night out and want to pre-rehydrate, but I don’t need the spf.

What are you skin care routine must haves? Ciao.

- Candace

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4 Steps to More Confidence in any Situation

  1. Encourage others. You are your only competition. When we genuinely uplift those around us, we are raising the energy and the expectation for the entire room, including ourselves.

    • We are uniquely qualified for every circumstance, encourage others and you encourage your own self worth.

  2. Be prepared. I don’t believe a person can ever be over prepared. No matter how much you practice, recite, study, etc, you can never know everything; this is why anticipation is so important. When we come fully prepared, nervousness becomes excitement.

    • Put the time in, there are no shortcuts.

  3. Listen, and then respond. I absolutely hate small talk, it is something I really have to make an effort to partake in. I typically appear stand-offish and shy simply because I don’t want to talk weather or sports. But when you engage in meaningful conversations with people, you don’t have to worry about thinking of what to say next because you are naturally engaging in a dialogue and not forcing it.

  4. Remain humble. Let others boast for you. Nothing demonstrates self confidence more than an individual that doesn’t bring up their own accomplishments. I’m not saying down play yourself (you also have to know how to take a compliment), but don’t be the person in the room talking about themselves. Let others do the bragging for you, it’s much more attractive.

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Natasia Ribbed Top
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Dina Short
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A knit sweater, ruffled skirt, and lace sneakers.

I love this time of the year in New Orleans. The weather is cool but not quite cold, and I can mix and match year round pieces. One wardrobe item that I wear all year round is a light mock neck sweater. It is great for fall and spring, an ideal layering piece, and the off-white creamy color is always appropriate. I paired it with the polka dot ruffled skirt and the Chloe sneakers I have been obsessed with since I found them in Philly.

Screen Shot 2019-11-06 at 6.50.56 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-11-06 at 6.51.25 AM.png

Harlee Mock Neck Knit Sweater
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Noemi Polka Dot Skirt - Lucy Paris
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The Everyday Little Black Dress

The little black dress, we all have one (or a few), it’s a staple we all can agree on. No matter what your style is, every girl has a go to LBD. I am guilty of having several. I have a “going out'“ LBD, I have an “everyday” LBD, and I even have the winter essential, “sweater dress” LBD. A good little black dress is like an old friend; you don’t speak everyday, you don’t have to, you know she’ll be there when you need her, she always has been.


Knit Polo

One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.
— Karl Lagerfeld



4 Timeless Style Tips

When you look better you feel better, sometimes it really is that simple. Below are some tried and true rules to dress by that never go out of style.

  1. Find a tailor - Getting alterations is not just for special occasions. The perfect fit can make a pair of $50 pants look like $500; find a good tailor and your wardrobe will reward you for it.

  2. Keep it simple - Less is always more, too much fuss can make the entire outfit feel contrived and look overdone. Maintaining effortlessness is always the end goal.

  3. Stay true to your style - Trying the new fashion trends are fun, but put your own, true to self twist on it.

  4. Comfortable yet classy - I literally cannot enjoy myself in an uncomfortable outfit. Sometimes it’s a necessary evil, but typically when we are uncomfortable other people can tell, so there’s no point. I always bring cute flats even when wearing “comfortable” heels, cause you just never know.




Detroit | The Midwest’s Comeback Kid

Woodward Ave

Woodward Ave


During my recent trip to Detroit, I was amazed at how far the city has come. The last time I visited the Motor City it was lifeless, definitely not a travel destination, especially for young people. But this trip was different. I was so impressed by the downtown scene, it’s official, Detroit is becoming a vibe. If you’re going to be in Detroit you’ll want to stay on, or in close proximity to Woodward Ave. Stores such as Helmet Lang, Le Labo Fragrances, Madewell, and Warby Parker are a few of the most notable cool kids on the block.

I stayed at Shinola Hotel during my brief visit. Shinola is a luxury timepiece, leather goods, jewelry, audio, and now bicycle brand; that proudly manufacturers everything in the U.S. The Shinola hotel is an experience in and of itself. Nestled on the busy corner of Woodward and Grand River Ave, the boutique hotel is located in the epicenter of “new Detroit”. The Shinola Hotel is home to 129 curated rooms, the San Morello restaurant, and an ultra modern cocktail hotspot, Evening Bar.

San Morello  restaurant

San Morello restaurant


Alongside Shinola Hotel, there is a small quiet alley, Farmer street. A discrete but charming nook with two of my new favorite Detroit shops. The first, Madcap Coffee, is an unconventional, modern coffee shop. Upon stepping inside the contemporary store, I was immediately greeted with the sound of Notorious B.I.G. Perfectly organized shelves of black whole bean coffee bags with brightly colored names decorate the bright white walls. Everything in the store is black and white with clean lines; the energy is warm, and the baristas and loyal patrons are welcoming.

Madcap Coffee , 1413 Farmer St, Detroit

Madcap Coffee, 1413 Farmer St, Detroit

My second must see shop is The Lip Bar, located in the same Farmer street nook. What started as a vegan lipstick brand has grown to include, mascara, foundation, eyeliner, and more. The self described inclusive beauty brand, specializes in vegan and cruelty free products for women of all shades.

The Lip Bar , 1435 Farmer Street , Detroit

The Lip Bar, 1435 Farmer Street , Detroit


36-hours was not enough time to see all that Detroit has to offer. I look forward to visiting again and finding more local gems.




Outliers - 10,000 hour rule

I am in the middle of reading the book Outliers , by journalist and author Malcolm Galdwell. One of the most interesting and famous concepts is the idea of 10,000 hours. This is a rule that for anyone to master anything in life, it must be practiced for at least 10,000 hours. This is such a mind shifting realization; often times we (society) sensationalize individuals who are masters at their craft. We chuck it up to luck, timing, and even genetics. Galdwell gives a plethora of examples in the book, some of the most notable being The Beatles and Bill Gates. Even though the individuals, environments, and circumstances are unique, the patterns and principles are the same. When given the opportunity and discipline to practice a craft for 10,000 hours, masters are created .

The Beatles played nightly in a Hamburg Germany bar for years that required them to be on stage for eight hours a night, long before their breakthrough performance in 1964 on The Ed Sullivan show.

In 1968, as a schoolboy, Bill Gates had unique access to a mainframe computer that the parents’ association of his local school invested in. As early as eighth grade he was obsessed with practicing coding, decades before Microsoft could even be conceptualized.

Galdwell goes on to demonstrate the 10,000 hour rule with the likes of Mozart, Tiger Woods, and more.

So lets put 10,000 hours into perspective:

40 hours a week (~6 hours per day) x 52 weeks (1 year) x 5 years = 10,400 hours

20 hours a week (~3 hours per day) x 52 weeks (1 year) x 10 years = 10,400 hours

It’s easy to see that the secret to mastery is that there really are no short cuts, regardless of how talented or brilliant a may be individual, true mastery requires patience and practice. This book is a very interesting read, I can’t wait to finish. Have you read Outliers? What are you devoting 10,000 hours to?


Sweater: Lucy Paris

Pants: Sandro (last season)

Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff (last season)

Get the look below:

Harlee Mock Neck Knit Sweater
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The Perfect Leather Shorts

Every once in a while we stumble upon a style gem, a wardrobe item that unexpectedly, yet instantly becomes a staple; a piece that we wonder how we ever did without before we found it. This season, I found that one of a kind find in my faux leather shorts. I was in the market for a piece of the fall/winter leather trend. I love the versatility of these shorts, and the quality is excellent, they are by the Parisian fashion brand I have been slowly falling in love with, FRNCH . I will be wearing these shorts so many different ways as the weather continues to cool off, i’m so excited.

Outfit details below:

Dina Short
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NEW ORLEANS | Fashion Week 2019


Way back in the day, a young(er) Candace walked the runway for New Orleans Fashion Week. It was such a blast. I made so many friends, met incredible people, and was able to experience fashion and runway in a way i’d never imaged possible. When I made the decision to go back to school and pursue my pharmacy degree, I took it very seriously; leaving zero time for extra curricular activities, including participating in Fashion Week. For years I have watched and admired, but not returned to the New Orleans Fashion scene until this past year when I started The Chic Script. This year I have the opportunity to dive in and experience New Orleans Fashion Week head on, here are the highlights from the events I attended (I will be updating content throughout the week).

Sip and Shop


Tuesday, September 24th, 2019 at Canal Place

Models wore looks from MCM, Banana Republic, Michael Kors, BCBC, and many more.

Looks from Banana Republic

Looks from Banana Republic


ORLÉANS Originale X ORLEANS Nouvelle Soeur Cités Liasson Pour la Mode


Wednesday, September 25, 2918 at Degas House

This Parisian experience featured French designers Martial Tampolo, Soleo, and Tchambo R.



Runway Shows

Saturday, September 28th, 2019 at the Board of Trade

NamiSutra - designer and stylist Nami M


Elise Designs - Sarah Terral


As always fashion week never disappoints, I had a great time. See you next year!

Be the Prayer

Getting unstuck. We all have our moments when we feel stationary. We are unsatisfied with where we are, but we aren’t quite sure how to get to where we want to be. These are the times I find that I have allowed my mind to become cluttered and I have lost my focus. These are the times I know I need to push through the mental block and start doing the work, instead of just thinking about it.

My frustration comes from not fully stepping into the potential of whatever I have been focused on achieving at that time. For example, waiting on a promotion at work that hasn’t come. Instead of waiting, step into the person you want to be when you receive that promotion. I’m not talking about spending money that you don’t have, i’m talking about becoming the person you want to be, not waiting for an event or a title to give you the authority to live your life the way you truly want to. Rise up, and be the prayer.

Become the person you want to be. There is a gap between the actions we are taking on a daily, and the circumstance, situation, or environment we want to change. Identify what steps it would take to make that leap, and then start tackling them. Develop a morning routine , set actionable goals, and hold yourself accountable. Take time to refocus and realign yourself daily with the vision so you don’t become distracted and fall off course. Take it one day at a time, one task at a time; life is a marathon, not a race.

“Visualize you highest self, and start showing up as that person”.


Be the Prayer

Transitional Style | Fall 2019 Trends

I am so excited fall is on the horizon, time to refresh the wardrobe. Some of the retro vibes we have become accustomed to over the past year or two are here to stay this season as well; but there are a couple new trends I cannot wait to explore and have already invested in some great versatile pieces. Some returning trends: plaid, biker shorts, and everything animal print. My favorite new kids on the bock: pink and leather.


Colors - sherbert, rose, and coral

Textures - corduroy, wool, and cotton

Style - Pantsuits


Shorts are my favorite for this trend. There will also be lots of skirts, dresses, and of course jackets.


Blazers, pants, suits, dresses, and lots of workwear.

Animal Print

Snake print is having a major moment right now, from cool all the way to warm blush tones. Leopard, Cheetah, and Zebra are here to stay as well.

Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 6.29.28 AM.png

Which trends are you taking advantage of?



Philadelphia | Food, Fest, and Fashion



is a city that I don’t frequent enough. Every time I visit I find something new to fall in love with. It’s a big beautiful city filled with art, culture, and plenty of this to do. I recently made my way to the city of love for a quick weekend getaway. I was only in town for two days but I made my way to some of the coolest spots around town.


I had brunch at two excellent locations. First, the Farmicia. Not only are the food and drinks good, this local favorite is located not far from the fashion district, which makes it the perfect brunch spot if you want walk off that meal and do a little shopping. I had the Mexican Omelet and washed it down with a Pimm’s cup.

Farmicia Philadelphia

The next brunch location we visited was my absolute favorite Bud and Marylin’s . Everything my girlfriends and I tried from their menu was absolutely amazing. I ordered the Nashville Hot Chicken Biscuit Sandwich, and we all tried the Froze Slush…. amazing. As a table we also shared the Crunchy Almond French Toast (pictured below) and it was incredible! I will definitely be frequenting this spot every time I visit Philly.

Nashville Hot Chicken Biscuit Sandwich: Bud and Marilyn’s

Nashville Hot Chicken Biscuit Sandwich: Bud and Marilyn’s

Fose Slush: Bud and Marilyn’s

Fose Slush: Bud and Marilyn’s

Crunchy Almond French Toast : Bud and Marilyn’s

Crunchy Almond French Toast : Bud and Marilyn’s


Century 21 - I was introduced to this store at my first trip to New York, now when I am in a city with one I always try to check it out. Century 21 specializes in discounted trendy apparel, shoes & accessories. The Philadelphia store has an extensive collection of vintage bags that was pretty in impressive.

Vintage Gucci

Vintage Gucci


JOAN SHEPP - This it a true gem of a store. Joan Shepp is luxury street style at its finest. This self proclaimed art meets fashion boutique is a go to spot for the fashion forward luxury lovers. Carrying brands such as Off White, ETRO, Moschino, Golden Goose, Rick Owens, Stella Mccartney, and the list goes on and on. This is the place to find statement pieces you won’t see anyone else in.

You’ll want to visit this store not only to be in the know, but to take in all the decor that is truly a fashion gallery.

Joan Shepp Moschino Toothpaste Bag
Joan Shepp Chic Script

“The store is home to a beautifully curated selection of the most creative European, Japanese, and hard-to-find designers.” - Joan Shepp

Fuzzi Skirt Joan Shepp Philadelphia

I saw this skirt in Joan Shepp and immediately fell in love. Fuzzi’s designs remains true to its Italian roots. I adore the bold prints, quality fabrics, and modern femme.


BOYDS - This family owned high end department store has been a Philadelphia staple for over 80 years. Conveniently located directly across the street form its luxury contemporary Joan Shepp, Boyds offers a more refined shopping experience. The department store is 3 levels, offering men’s and women’s clothing and apparel.

I absolutely loved how timeless the store was, while still carrying the most current and on trend designer pieces. This is a great place to find your wardrobe staples and investment to elevate your wardrobe.



Top:  The Laundress  New York City  Bottom:  Fornasetti  Candels

Top: The Laundress New York City

Bottom: Fornasetti Candels

I left Boyd’s with the lace low top Chloe sneakers pictured below. They will be perfect for spring and summer of course, but I also can’t wait to have some fun and pair them with tights and socks in fall and winter for street chic look.

Chloe  Lauren low top lace sneaker

Chloe Lauren low top lace sneaker


Cousin’s  Main Lobster

Cousin’s Main Lobster

Made in America is a an annual music festival held in Philadelphia on Labor Day weekend This was my first time going and I had a great time. Of course my favorite part of festing is the food, and Cousin’s Maine Lobster Food truck stole the show.

I made it to the concerts on Saturday and Sunday to see Cardi B, Lizzo Travis Scott, and so many more. I am not much of a festival person but I did enjoy myself during Made in America. Because this festival is in the heart of the city, it’s great option for people who want to explore Philly and hear some great music too.

Made in America Festival Philadelphia

Airport Outfit

Track Pants by Theory - linked: here

Shoes from Chloe - linked: here

Luggage Tumi - Voyageaur Osona Carry-on : here and Voyageur Sheryl Business Tote - here

Unit next time Philly —




The Miracle Morning | Book Review

The Miracle Morning | Book Review

Recently I finished a book that helped me put words to the feeling I have always known about mornings. “The Miracle Morning” written by Hal Elrod is a quick but very insightful read. It gives step by step instruction as to how to maximize your time to work towards becoming a better version of yourself; it’s not a course, rather it serves as a guideline to develop disciple and habits for an overall lifestyle change.

What to Wear | White Linen Night

What to Wear | White Linen Night

What I enjoy most about white linen night is the style, it’s not the typical “free spirit” fashion fest we have become so accustomed to. White Linen night requires a more refined sophistication. Although, as the name suggests, linen is the fabric of choice for this event, most people opt for anything breathable. The options for putting your own twist on this are endless, but here are a few Chic Script suggestions.

Passion Lilie | New Orleans Designed | Sustainable Fashion

 Passion Lilie | New Orleans Designed |  Sustainable Fashion

Passion Lilie creates clothing from sustainable organic, pesticide-free, non-GMO cotton. “At every step in the supply chain, we make sure we are using sustainable materials to reduce our impact on the environment.” But echo friendly clothing is just a part of what Passion Lilie represents as a brand.

3 Podcasts I'm listening to, and you should be too…

3 Podcasts I'm listening to, and you should be too…
  1. “Super Soul Conversations”:  This is just a no brainer, I mean, everyone loves Oprah and if you are a podcast listener, then you’re most likely already subscribed. Oprah interview authors, actors, politicians, religious leaders, and everything in between. 

  2. “Elevation with Steven Furtick”: I’ve been watching elevation worship service and Pastor Furtick’s sermons for a while now. Because I enjoy watching his sermons so much, the podcast was a natural subscription for me.

  3. “How I Built This” with Guy Raz: Innovators, entrepreneurs, idealists and the ideas they built.

Spring Dresses | On trend in Overalls

Spring Dresses | On trend in Overalls

Spring is under way and I am enjoying every moment! The weather has been absolutely perfect lately, not too warm not too chilly, and the sun is just beaming. I walked around this French quarter this weekend and took full advantage of a beautiful day. I finally had the change to wear my overall dress I purchased from a warehouse sale last fall. I wanted to style it in the cooler months with a sweater and tights but I love it over a comfy tee as well, Ill be getting a lot of use out of it this summer!